Merges Your Multiple Outlook PST Files Easily

Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook is a powerful tool to merge or join multiple Outlook PST files into a single PST. It can merge all or specific Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, To-Do & Task folders from PST files of different Outlook versions, while preserving the original files’ contents and structure. It can also join PSTs, creating a structured folder hierarchy in the final PST file.

*Demo Version Shows Mail Body and Attachments of Merged or Joined PST File in preview.

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Key Features

Merge Multiple PST Files Seamlessly

The tool can merge multiple PST files, including emails, calendars, contacts, journal, notes, etc. into a single PST. It maintains the original folder structure and contents while merging the information of multiple ‘matching’ folders. The software also allows merging the user-specified files without the need to merge the complete PSTs.

Join Multiple PST Files Easily

Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook can also ‘join’ PST files of different Outlook versions. The software joins the PST files by generating root folders for holding the child folders from source PST files. It organizes the child folders in a structural hierarchy in the final PST while preserving the original contents after combining the files.

Merge or Join Large-Sized PSTs

The merge PST software allows merging or joining of Outlook PST files of any size – small or large. The user can install and run the software to merge or join PSTs on system running Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, or Windows 7 OS.

Remove Duplicate Emails from PST

The merge PST files software provides the option to remove duplicate items while merging the PST files. It can remove the duplicate items based on Subject, Sender Email, Text, Sender Name, Recipient Name, Internet Header, Attachments, and Date and Time of Sending. It provides Default and Advanced Duplicate Criteria to remove the duplicate items effectively.

Remove Deleted and Junk Folder from PST

The software allows the user to exclude Deleted and Junk Items folders while merging PST files. This feature helps remove unwanted or scrapped items, thereby ‘cleaning up’ the data stored in the final, merged PST. The user can enable the option by clicking Exclude Deleted Folder and Exclude Junk Folder checkboxes.

Multiple Options to Save the Merged PST

The tool provides multiple options to save the merged or joined PST files. It can save the PST file in a new or the existing PST, Outlook profile, Office 365, or Exchange server. The user needs to select the output option while saving the final PST and specify the location to save the file. For Office 365 and Exchange server, the user needs to enter the login credentials and also the mailbox email ID and server name (when saving to Exchange).

Merge Password-Protected PST Files

The utility can merge password-protected PST files of the Outlook email client. The user needs to enter the password for merging the PST files. The feature allows seamless merging of multiple password-protected PST files.

Generate Detailed Log Report

The merge Outlook PST software generates a detailed log report comprising details such as process (join PST or merge PST), destination location, start and end time, source file, folder names, etc. The log report helps in reviewing the PST merge or join process details.

*Free download to scan and preview your lost or deleted data.

How It Works?

Software Specifications

About Product

Release Date January, 2021
License Single User
Edition Standard & Toolkit
Language SupportedEnglish, German, French, Italian & Spanish
System Requirements

Processor: Intel-compatible (x86, x64)
Operating System Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows Sever 2012, 2008
Memory: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk:250 MB for installation files
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*Demo Version Shows Mail Body and Attachments of Merged or Joined PST File in preview.

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Yes. Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook software provides you with the option to merge specific folders of multiple PST files that include the Contacts folder. It can also merge other folders such as Emails, Calendars, Journals, To-Do, and Tasks, without having the necessity to merge all folders of the PST files.


When you join multiple PST files, multiple folder hierarchies of each PST file gets created within a single PST file. On the other hand, when you merge multiple PST files, contents of the respective folders such as Emails, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, and To-Do in all the PST files gets saved in one PST file, and hence gets merged.


Yes. You can merge the archive files of MS Outlook into a single PST file with this software.


Yes. It supports different Outlook profiles for merging PST files into one.


No. The software cannot merge damaged or corrupt PST files. You need to ensure that the PST files that are in a healthy state. If you wish to merge the damaged PST files, you should first repair them by using Stellar Repair for Outlooksoftware.


No. It is not possible to join PST files without installing MS Outlook program on your system.


Yes. You can merge or join multiple Outlook PST files into one.

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