Stellar Bitraser for File

Advanced file erasure software for laptops, desktops, and servers

Stellar Bitraser for File

Stellar Bitraser for File is an advanced file erasure software to sanitize PCs, laptops, servers, hard drives and other external storage devices. It can securely erase multiple files simultaneously by using 17 international data erasure algorithms such as DoD, NATO, and Gutmann, etc.

  • Permanently erases files, folders, internet history, and application traces
  • Securely erases data from PCs, laptops, servers, & other external storage media
  • Simultaneous erasure of multiple files, along with scheduled process automation
  • Wipes unused storage space for optimizing performance of hard drives
  • Erases data as per 17 international standards of erasure like U.S. DOD, NATO, etc.
  • Generates tamper proof certificate of erasure to facilitate regulatory compliance

* Free Download is only for software evaluation purpose

Product Description

BitRaser for File permanently erases files, folders, internet history, & application traces from laptops, desktops, & servers. The software allows to automate the file erasure task, which saves time and resoucrs and adds to convenience. The user simply needs to select the files along with the erasure algorithm, and the software erases them automatically as per the defined schedule.

It is the only file erasure software that supports 17 International data erasure standards. A few of them are U.S. DoD (3/7 pass), NATO, Gutmann (35 pass), British HMG IS5. You can also choose a verification method Total or Random to ensure 100% data erasure.

The software also allows you to automate the file eraser process. Just pre-select the files and folders along with the data erasure algorithm and verification method. The software securely erases them automatically every time the system shutdown/restart happens or at a pre-selected time of the day, week, and month. The software free trial can be downloaded to securely erase unlimited files of up to 64KB size. To sanitize files larger than 64KB, you need the software license key. BitRaser for File works on any Windows PC, Desktop, and Laptop running Windows 10 and earlier versions up to XP.

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* Free Download is only for software evaluation purpose

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